Kyokushin Beach Grading – June 25, 2017

On Sunday June 25th, a Kyokushin Karate grading for students of Lismore Dojo was conducted by Sensei Mark McFadden.

Sempai Patricia Tan, Sensei Jon Ellis, Sempai Wally Gray & Sensei Mark McFadden.

The grading was held at Evans Head beach. Students of Ballina Dojo also attended for training alongside those who were attempting the grading from Lismore.

Senior Kyu grades took turns leading parts of the grading under the watchful eyes of Sensei Mark, Sensei Jon Ellis, Sempai Wally Gary and Sempai Patricia Tan.

The heavy soft, wet sand made stances and kicks especially tiring. Everyone did well and it was a fun, different yet satisfying challenge for the adults and Little Lions who participated.

Thanks go to all who helped, including Sempai Trish and Anthony for organising the food, the parents who drove their children out to Evans Head, and those who assembled the BBQ, and Yaco’s father for taking on the role of head snag cooker.

Group shot after the grading.

Brisbane Gradings – June 10, 2017

Two Kyokushin gradings were held in Queensland for KIMAA adults and Little Lions on Saturday June 10th.

The gradings were for students of North Brisbane Dojo and Nundah Dojo, both under the leadership of Sempai Rob James.

Sempai Rob was pleased with everybody’s efforts, including a new fourth kyu in the adults class. Thanks go to Jermaine Downs (senior student) for his assistance with the tests.

Sempai Rob remarked, “A solid effort from everybody! The level of knowledge, fitness and technical ability is impressive, as is their commitment.”

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Well done to all.

Little Lions in the NAS – March 26, 2017

Little Lions from KIMAA’s North Brisbane Dojo competed in the National All Styles tournament on Sunday March 26.

Sean with his Third Place medal.

The competitors in the Gold Coast tournament were led by their instructor Sempai Rob James.

Sean performed Taikyoku sono Ichi and Maddison performed Pinan sono Ni. Both came up against tough competition in their respective divisions. Sean won Third Place and Maddison came fifth in her division. For both, it was their first tournament. Congratulations Sean and Maddison!


Shihan Howard Lipman North Coast Seminar – March 18-19, 2017

On the weekend of 17-19 March, Shihan Howard Lipman visited the KIMAA Far North Coast NSW Dojos to conduct a Kyokushin Karate seminar.

Sempai Rob James, Sempai Alex Lloyd, Shihan Howard Lipman, Sensei Jon Ellis and Sensei Mark McFadden on day 1 of the seminar.

Sensei Mark McFadden and Sensei Jon Ellis hosted the seminar at their respective Lismore and Ballina dojos. Sempai Rob James attended the seminar with some of his students from the North Brisbane and Nundah dojos. Sempai Alex Lloyd came up from Sydney with Shihan Howard to assist with instructing.

On the Friday night the 17th, Shihan Howard and Sempai Alex arrived in Ballina where they had dinner with Sensei Mark and Sensei Jon.

Training began at 9.00 am sharp the next morning at Ballina Dojo. The first session was for the Little Lions. The morning class was spent focused on kihon (basics): strikes, blocks, kicks and combinations. The class ended with some fitness and competitions.

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The next session was an hour-long class for instructors only, revising the finer points of techniques, how to break things down and teach them, and for Shihan Howard to ensure all the basics were the same standard across all six KIMAA dojos. The class was attended by Sempai Wally Gray, Sempai Simon Morris, Sempai Patricia Tan, Will Brook, Jermaine Downs and other assistant instructors to the North Coast and Brisbane dojo operators. 

The afternoon was focused on the adults. Things got off to a bang, starting with an energetic kumite warm up.

The sparring was followed with fight training and fighting techniques, including footwork and movement. After this, different grades took turns demonstrating kata to Shihan Howard appropriate to their level. This was followed by bunkai (self-defence applications), take-downs and throwing each other around the room. Sempai Alex quickly proved to be Sensei Jon’s favourite crash test dummy!

The instructors finished the afternoon class by running the group through some joint locks and pressure point techniques, and some conditioning.

The adults class on the Saturday, at Ballina Dojo.

A group dinner was enjoyed by the visitors and local senior grades at a restaurant in Ballina by the water.

Training began the next morning for adults at 8.30 am at Lismore Dojo. Sensei Mark and Sempai Rob warmed up the class and revised some basics and strength work, before Shihan Howard stepped in to show the group how push ups are really meant to be done!

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The class turned to more basics and stance revision, emphasising the importance of separating basic technique from bunkai. The former is the foundation to the latter, and keeping the true form of the technique correct is imperative to the development of one’s karate.

The Sunday adults class at Lismore Dojo.

After a final group photo, black and brown belts stayed on for senior kata training. Sempai Alex took the class exhaustively through Garyu. Shihan Howard then had students pair up for advanced kihon techniques and partner work in the Nidan syllabus. The class ended the session by studying Tensho kata.

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Shihan Howard Lipman with Sempai Rob James, Lismore Dojo.

Sempai Rob commented about the seminar shortly afterwards online, in particular about Shihan Howard: “I am still in awe of this man. The technical ability and his knowledge of every detail of every technique absolutely blows me away. There are very few people in the martial arts world like Shihan Howard Lipman.”

Shihan Howard was most pleased by the students’ standard of technique, as well as the teachers’ instruction of both the North Coast dojos and those who came down from Brisbane. The quality of the KIMAA students are an obvious reflection of their instructors. He passed on his thanks to Sempai Alex for his assistance. Shihan Howard congratulated Sensei Mark, Sensei Jon and Sempai Rob on the level of technique their students had attained, the fit-out of their dojos, and their obvious dedication to and rapport with their students. 

North Coast Grading – December 10, 2016

A Kyokushin Karate grading was held for KIMAA students of the Far North Coast on Saturday December 10th. Karateka of Lismore and Ballina dojos came together for this end of year event, both a test and a celebration of the year past.

Sensei Mark McFadden and Sensei Jon Ellis assessed the students while the actual grading was run by Sempai Wally Gray, Sempai Patricia Tan and Will Brook.

After the grading, Sensei Mark and Sensei Jon spoke about the North Coast achievements for the year in moving and dynamic speeches, followed by a presentation of awards, including Student of the Year. Light refreshments were then provided.

Congratulations to the North Coast students on their final big KIMAA event for the year.

KIMAA North Coast after their December 2016 grading.
KIMAA North Coast after their December 2016 grading.

Sydney Gradings – December 4-7, 2016

The day after the Black Belt Grading, a Kobudo class was held at Annangrove Dojo on December 4th.

Shihan Rick Cunningham supervised the class. Sensei Paul Finnerty took weapons beginner Mick Calnan through the basics of the Bo, while Sempai Alex Lloyd took the seniors and Wesley Snider through all the Bo katas as well as the Sai. Sensei Mark McFadden, Sensei Jon Ellis and Sempai Patricia Tan enjoyed the practice for the upcoming 2017 Japan trip.

Shihan Rick was very impressed with the standard displayed by Sempai Trish and Wes, and surprised them with a Kobudo grading. Sempai Trish was graded to 2nd Kyu and Wes to 4th Kyu in Kobudo. Congratulations to both, especially the day after participating in a senior grading!

Wes and Sempai Trish after their Kobudo grading, 5 December 2016.
Wes and Sempai Trish after their Kobudo grading, 5 December 2016.

At the Monday night general class at Turramurra Dojo, on December 5th, KIMAA’s bruised but proud local Shodans attended training. Shihan Howard Lipman was pleased to see the students in such good spirits. They were given a good stretch and work out, from fitness to fight training to bunkai, by Sensei Ben Ng, Sensei Don Cheong and Sempai Alex Lloyd.

Sempai Victor Sweeney, Sempai Joshua Darley, Sempai Jonathan Lee and Sempai Angus Sweeney.
Sempai Victor Sweeney, Sempai Joshua Darley, Sempai Jonathan Lee and Sempai Angus Sweeney, 5 December 2016.

On Wednesday December 7th, a Kyokushin Karate grading was held for the Turramurra Dojo kids class. Sensei James Sidwell took the grading and assessed the students. He was very happy with everyone’s efforts. Well done to all.

A few students who missed this grading were graded by Shihan Howard Lipman on Monday December 12th, with Sempai Josh Darley assisting.

Sensei James Sidwell with the participants of the Kids Karate Grading, 7 December 2016.
Sensei James Sidwell with the participants of the Kids Karate Grading, 7 December 2016.