Sydney IFKKA Tournament – May 21, 2017

KIMAA students of Turramurra Dojo participated in the IFKKA full-contact Kyokushin tournament on Sunday May 21st.

The competitors included Sempai Angus and Sempai Victor Sweeney, Sempai Josh Darley, Jasper and Cody Choi, Ethan Bailey and Andrew Palmer.

KIMAA competitors and instructors at the IFKKA Tournament.

Instructors, coaches and supporters included Shihan Howard Lipman and his wife Masumi, Shihan Peter Olive, Sensei Idir Bahamid, Sensei James Sidwell, Sensei Ben Ng, Sensei Don Cheong and Sempai Alex Lloyd.

All KIMAA fighters performed excellently, especially those for whom it was their first tournament.

Sempai Angus’s first round went to an extension in the adult heavy weight. It was an exhausting bout but he pushed through, using his strength and low kicks to win the extension. He came second after taking a roundhouse kick to the front of the head in the final. Sempai Josh and Cody fought off for first and second place in the boys 11-13 years under 40kg. Cody had taken an unfortunate hit to the throat but fought well despite the injury. Sempai Josh used his kicks to win the fight.

Sempai Angus Sweeney lines up for his first fight.

Sempai Victor, in the cadet heavy weight division, fought a competitor over 20kg heavier than him. He faced up and stood his ground valiantly despite the weight difference. Jasper’s first fight saw him take several illegal techniques to the throat, but he pushed on and displayed the spirit of Kyokushin throughout the bout.

It was Ethan and Andrew’s first tournament. Ethan fought Sempai Victor and displayed good control and confidence. Andrew stood bravely to his much heavier opponent, and gave it his all.

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Everyone walked away with a placement. Congratulations to everyone for their efforts:

  • Sempai Angus – Adult Heavy Weight (Open) – Second
  • Sempai Josh – Boys 11-13 Years under 40kg – First
  • Sempai Victor – Cadet Heavy Weight – Second
  • Jasper – Boys 13-16 Years over 58kg – Second
  • Cody – Boys 11-13 Years under 40kg – Second
  • Ethan – Cadet Heavy Weight – Third
  • Andrew – Adult Heavy Weight (Intermediate) – Third

Congratulations to all.

The competitors with their coaches after the tournament.

Little Lions in the NAS – March 26, 2017

Little Lions from KIMAA’s North Brisbane Dojo competed in the National All Styles tournament on Sunday March 26.

Sean with his Third Place medal.

The competitors in the Gold Coast tournament were led by their instructor Sempai Rob James.

Sean performed Taikyoku sono Ichi and Maddison performed Pinan sono Ni. Both came up against tough competition in their respective divisions. Sean won Third Place and Maddison came fifth in her division. For both, it was their first tournament. Congratulations Sean and Maddison!


Gold Coast Budo Challenge – October 2, 2016

Students from KIMAA’s North Coast dojos participated in the Gold Coast Budo Challenge on Sunday October 2nd.

Sensei Jon Ellis led the team from Ballina Dojo and Sempai Wally Gray led the team from Lismore Dojo.

Sensei Jon and Sempai Wally with the KIMAA competitors.
Sensei Jon and Sempai Wally with the KIMAA competitors.

Sensei Mark McFadden had pepped up the team the night before with the following words:

Trish Tan wins third place in a kata division.

“The only thing I would add is enjoy the tournament, the atmosphere, whether it is your first or 31st. Enjoy the camaraderie, and being with stacks of people all into Kyokushin. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. It matters that you participated and gave it a shot.

Of course we will celebrate those who do well, but we will also celebrate those who tried. The competitors have all put in extra training, extra effort. You will all be fine.”

The first trophy of the day was won shortly after lunch by Patricia Tan, coming third place in a kata division.

The success for the KIMAA team followed, with our karateka taking out gold trophies in three divisions.

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Congratulations to all who participated, whether you won a trophy or not. You represented KIMAA proudly.


AKKA NSW State Tournament – May 22, 2016

KIMAA karateka from Turramurra and Annangrove dojos competed in the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association NSW State Tournament on May 22.

Sempai Jason Lambe (1st Dan Kyokushin) and Christian Girdham competed from Annangrove Dojo, while Angus and Victor Sweeney represented Turramurra.

Christian Girdham and Sempai Jason Lambe with Shihan Rick Cunningham.
Christian Girdham and Sempai Jason Lambe with Shihan Rick Cunningham.

Acting as coaches and other support on the day were Shihan Rick Cunningham, Sensei Mark Shelmerdine, Sensei James Sidwell and Sensei Don Cheong.

Victor and Angus Sweeney with Sensei James Sidwell and Sensei Mark Shelmerdine.
Victor and Angus Sweeney with Sensei James Sidwell and Sensei Mark Shelmerdine.

Sempai Jason, Angus and Victor all fought in the COLTs heavy weight division while Christian fought in the COLTs light weight division.

Sempai Jason and Victor were up against each other for their first fight. Victor lost to Jason by a half-point due to a solid kick to the ribs, but the round still went to completion.

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Angus was up against a black belt in his first round. Angus lost by a half-point when he took a jodan mae geri to the face, but continued the fight to completion.

Sempai Jason then went up against the black belt who had bested Angus. Sempai Jason fought well but also lost by a half-point due to a head kick, yet he finished the round all the same.

These three had fought in the AKKA state titles last year and in others, but for Christian, it was his second tournament. He fought well for his second time, but ultimately lost his round due to an ushiro geri kick.

Well done to all competitors for turning up and representing KIMAA.

Sempai Jason Lambe, Victor Sweeney, Sensei James Sidwell, Shihan Rick Cunningham, Angus Sweeney, Sensei Mark Shelmerdine & Christian Girdham.
Sempai Jason Lambe, Victor Sweeney, Sensei James Sidwell, Shihan Rick Cunningham, Angus Sweeney, Sensei Mark Shelmerdine & Christian Girdham.

Queensland NAS – May 22, 2016

Sensei Mark McFadden and Patricia Tan with the Little Lions.
Sensei Mark McFadden and Patricia Tan with the KIMAA North Coast Little Lions team.

On Sunday May 22, four Little Lions from the KIMAA North Coast team competed in another round of the National All Styles. The tournament was held in Queensland.

Four Little Lions – Brad, Liam, Isaac and Loc – participated on the day. Sensei Mark McFadden (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 3rd Dan Kobudo) and Patricia Tan were the coaches.

Brad Chisolm of Ballina Dojo came second in point sparring, while Loc Ngyuen of Lismore Dojo came first in point sparring. Both boys fought in different divisions.

Well done to all who competed, and to Brad and Loc for their wins!

Sempai Rob James with Kancho Jim Casey at the NAS.
Sempai Rob James with Kancho Jim Casey at the NAS.

Sempai Rob James (2nd Dan Kyokushin) also competed in the NAS. He participated in the Open Black Belt and Veterans divisions.

Up against some very talented and skilled competitors, in the Open Black Belt division, Sempai Rob placed 4th. He performed the senior Kyokushin kata, Seienchin.

Sempai Rob participated in the NAS to inspire his Little Lions to do well in their own kata tournaments that are held at Aspley Dojo. “Seeing their Sempai compete in a kata tournament might inspire them in some small way.”

Ballina: New Dojo & Timetable – April, 2016

Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo) has opened a new full-time dojo in Ballina, replacing the existing Ballina Dojo.

The new dojo is located at Unit 2/3 Sheather Street, Ballina NSW 2478. Class times are detailed below:


Sensei Jon is one of KIMAA’s licensed dojo operators under Shihan Howard Lipman, and one of the two senior instructors in the Far North Coast NSW branch of KIMAA. You can read more about Sensei Jon here.

The opening of this dojo is a proud expansion of KIMAA operations on the North Coast. Thanks go to all students who helped clean and prepare the new dojo for training.


In other recent news for Ballina Dojo and their Little Lions, on Sunday April 10, Cooper competed in the first round of the National All Styles.

Cooper came second in the Pee Wee Points Sparring division. Congratulations, Cooper! Thanks go to Sempai Rob James for standing in Cooper’s corner on the day.