Senior Grading – June 11, 2022

On Saturday June 11, a Kyokushin grading was held at Annangrove Dojo. Students were assessed by Hanshi Howard Lipman and Shihan Rick Cunningham, with Shihan Peter Olive leading the grading.

Participants included karateka from Turramurra, Annangrove and Ballina dojos. Also coming down to support those grading were instructors and students from Lismore and Young.

Sempai Mark Long, Sempai Ben Brady and Sempai Blayne Gale were attempting higher level black belt grades, while Rientz, Brad, Jurgen and Nevin attempted their Shodan (1st) Dan grading, including the Kyokushin 40 fights.

Congratulations to all those who graded successfully, including KIMAA’s newest Yudansha (black belts). After the grading, Hanshi Howard awarded the new black belt grades. This included grading Shihan Peter Olive to Rokudan, 6th Dan.

The new Kyokushin black belt grades are:

  • Shihan Peter Olive (6th Dan)
  • Sensei Mark Long (3rd Dan)
  • Sempai Ben Brady (2nd Dan)
  • Sempai Blayne Gale (2nd Dan)
  • Sempai Rientz Inglis (1st Dan)
  • Sempai Bradley Chisholm (1st Dan)
  • Sempai Jurgen Bradatsch (1st Dan)
  • Sempai Nevin Alwis (1st Dan)

New Kobudo grades were also announced, with certificates from Sensei Hokama soon to be awarded. These were graded by Hanshi Howard and Shihan Rick. The new grades include:

  • Hanshi Howard Lipman (8th Dan)
  • Shihan Rick Cunningham (7th Dan)
  • Shihan Mark Shelmerdine (5th Dan)
  • Shihan James Sidwell (4th Dan)
  • Sensei Paul Finnerty (4th Dan)
  • Sensei Mark McFadden (4th Dan)
  • Sensei Jon Ellis (4th Dan)
  • Sensei Alex Lloyd (4th Dan)
  • Sensei Ben Ng (2nd Dan)
  • Sensei Ian Holdaway (2nd Dan)
  • Sempai Patricia Tan (1st Dan)
  • Sempai Stephen Runge (1st Dan)

Black Belt Training – May 28, 2022

Hanshi Howard Lipman demonstrates technique on Sensei Ben Ng.

On the afternoon of Saturday May 28th, Hanshi Howard Lipman led a Black Belt training class at Turramurra Dojo (KIMAA Honbu). Karateka from 1st Dan to 5th Dan, from Turramurra and Annangrove dojos, participated in the session.

The class spent several hours revising most senior Kyokushin kata, refining technique, and checking details and consistency.

These black belt sessions are important not just for the technical work, but the sense of community and collegiality across dojos within the organisation. Good, strong karate starts from the top, and KIMAA instructors are dedicated to continuing to improve their own martial arts for the benefit of KIMAA students.

The class ended by practising some break-fall techniques and rolls with Sempai Tony Kuo.

After two years of great disruption to the normal KIMAA calendar, it is great to be able to train together at opportunities like this, and we will continue to run these sessions and encourage all our black belts to attend. Thanks to everyone who trained and to Hanshi for his instruction.

Sensei Alex Lloyd, Sempai Jason Lambe, Sensei Ben Ng, Sempai Eric Wright, Hanshi Howard Lipman, Shihan James Sidwell, Sensei Don Cheong, Sempai Tony Kuo, Shihan Peter Olive, Shihan Mark Shelmerdine and Sempai Steph Runge.

KIKO Kata & Kobudo Tournament – May 15, 2022

On Sunday May 15th, karateka from Turramurra Dojo competed in Kancho Doug Turnbull’s KIKO Kata & Kobudo Tournament in Tempe, Sydney.

Sempai Tony, Shihan James and Sensei Alex perform Seienchin.

Competitors ranged from the young to not-so-young, with entries in Kyokushin individual and group kata of various ages and belt levels, as well as Kobudo. 

The day began with a Bo staff demonstration by Shihan Mark Shelmerdine and Sensei Alex Lloyd, performing Kihon and Ufugusuku. They had to adapt their 3-man drill to a 2-man performance last minute when the third practitioner was unwell on the day.

This was followed by a special demonstration by Sempai Tony Kuo and his sons, Ethan and Ryan. The three performed Naihanchi kata, showing how Karate is a discipline that reaches across the years in spirit and appeal.

Sempai Tony Kuo with his sons, Ethan and Ryan, performing Naihanchi.

After the opening ceremony, the first competition division was Kobudo. Shihan Mark and Shihan James Sidwell each competed with the Bo, Sensei Alex with the Sai and Sempai Stephen Runge with the Eku. Thanks go to Shihan Rick Cunningham and Shihan Mark for ongoing instruction in International Hokama Kobudo.

After the weapons, the individual and group Karate kata followed. Each student performed admirably in their category, displaying outstanding technique, excellent focus and calm under pressure. In the adults, Shihan James Sidwell, Sensei Alex Lloyd and Sempai Tony Kuo performed Kyokushin kata, and in the kids were Maia Brown, Ethan Kuo, Ryan Kuo, Sophie Shi, Aaron Goh and Ashlee Kim. The following video is a brief highlights reel of each entry, as well as the opening demo.

From the various categories, Turramurra Dojo (Honbu KIMAA) students scored the following placements:

Kyokushin Adult Black Belt Group Kata
1st place Shihan James Sidwell, Sensei Alex Lloyd, Sempai Tony Kuo (Seienchin)

Kyokushin 11-12 years Group Kata 
1st place Maia Brown, Ethan Kuo, Ryan Kuo (Naihanchi)
2nd place Sophie Shi, Aaron Goh, Ashlee Kim (Tsukino)

Kyokushin Adult Black Belt Individual Kata
3rd Place Sempai Tony Kuo (Okinawan Seipai)

Kyokushin Intermediate Individual Kata
1st place Ryan Kuo (Gekusai Dai)
2nd place Maia Brown (Yantsu)
3rd place Ethan Kuo (Yantsu)

Congratulations to all who competed, and again to those who achieved placements. Thanks go to all instructors who helped students prepare for the day, with special acknowledgement to Shihan Idir Bahamid. It must be said that the most rewarding part of the tournament was not the day itself, but the lead up to it, for the Budo spirit in which each competitor prepared themselves week after week displayed true dedication to pursuing the martial way. The collegiality and camaraderie within the dojo is second-to-none, and head instructor and KIMAA Chairman Hanshi Howard Lipman could not be prouder of all his students. 

Kempo Ryu Karate Championships – March 20, 2022

On Sunday March 20th, four students from Hanshi Howard Lipman’s Turramurra Dojo competed in the 26th Karate Championships of Kempo Ryu (IKO), with Kancho Peter Mylonas hosting the event.

Sempai Josh Darley (white side, right) prepares to fight, with Sensei Alex Lloyd coaching.

The four KIMAA karateka represented our organisation in Kyokushin Karate. Sensei Ben Ng, Sempai Angus Sweeney and Alireza Miri competed in the Full Contact Kumite, Adults All Grades, Male Middleweight division. Sempai Josh Darley competed in both the Freestyle Kumite, 16-17 years (Colts), Blue to Black Belt, Male division, and in the Full Contact Kumite, 16-17 years (Colts), All Grades, Male Lightweight Division.

Hanshi Howard Lipman, his wife Masumi and Shihan Mark Shelmerdine were special guests on the VIP table. Shihan James Sidwell and Sensei Alex Lloyd coached the fighters, while Sempai Stephen Runge did the photography and videography. 

All students admirably represented KIMAA, facing strong opponents and displayed great budo and fighting spirit. 

Congratulations go to Sempai Josh, for placing Third in his Freestyle Colts Kumite division and Second in his Full Contact Colts division. Due to luck of the draw, Sempai Josh ended up having four fights in a row, drawing the praise of Kancho Mylonas and other senior instructors for his fierce fighting attitude and never backing down. 

Hanshi John Taylor, Shihan John Williams, Hanshi Howard Lipman, Shihan Jim Phillips and Shihan Mark Shelmerdine, among other VIPs, award trophies to the winners.

Congratulations also go to Sensei Ben and Ali, both fighting their way to the Final of the day’s main event: the Male Middleweight for Full Contact Kumite. After one extension, Ali’s persuasive kicks won the bout, leading KIMAA to take the top two spots of the division.

After having a notable period without tournament events due to the Covid situation, it was gratifying for all involved to be at a large event and compete against other martial artists. Hanshi Howard expresses his warm pride in all his students and coaches efforts.

Masumi Lipman, Sempai Angus Sweeney, Sempai Stephen Runge, Sempai Josh Darley, Hanshi Howard Lipman, Sensei Ben Ng, Sensei Alex Lloyd, Shihan James Sidwell and Shihan Mark Shelmerdine after the tournament. (Not pictured: Alireza Miri, division winner.)

North Coast End-of-Year Sessions – December 2021

Karate students of Lismore and Ballina dojos joined forces on Sunday December 12 for beach training. The weather was a bit overcast but the water was warm as the students pushed through their end-of-year training session.

After the beach training session, the end-of-year awards were given out by Sensei Mark McFadden and Sensei Jon Ellis. The Little Lions of the Year were Isaac from Lismore and Allan from Ballina, and the Adult Student of the Year was Seb from Lismore Dojo.

On Tuesday December 14, Lismore Dojo held gradings for the Little Lions and Adult classes. Congratulations to all students who achieved new grades.

Zoom Karate Returns!

Hanshi Howard Lipman and his senior instructors have decided that, for the month of August, we’ll be running weekly Zoom karate sessions on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS, starting 6:00 pm. These classes will run for 1 hour for Adults and Kids, with the focus on techniques, stances and fitness. All grade levels – from beginner to black belt – are welcome. The sessions will be highly practical classes to get you moving in lockdown and keep your karate strong. For the parents, it’s an hour of daycare on us! Just training in Gi pants and a t-shirt.

These sessions are free to all KIMAA members, whether you normally train at Turramurra, Annangrove, Lismore, Ballina, Young or Brisbane dojos. 

SIGN UP by contacting and the Zoom link & password will be emailed an hour before class each week.

Osu, Your KIMAA Instructors

Kyokushin Grading – June 19, 2021

A Kyokushin Karate grading was held for senior adult kyu grade students at Turramurra Dojo on Saturday June 19th. Hanshi Howard Lipman assessed the students of Turramurra and Annangrove dojos attempting the grading, which was taken by Sensei Ben Ng.

The quality of technique, level fitness and spirit on display were all of a high standard. Congratulations to all students who attempted the grading.