About Kobudo

Sensei Hokama training with the Bo Staff

In addition to Karate, KIMAA teaches Kobudo, a martial art that uses Okinawan weapons. These include the Bo staff, Sai, Eeku and others. Our instructors are trained by Sensei Tetsuhiro Hokama, 10th Dan, who is one of Okinawa’s leading exponents of Goju Ryu Karate and also Kobudo. Read through stories on our News & Gallery page and our Kobudo Instructors page to see more about KIMAA’s affiliation with International Hokama Kobudo, Sensei’s organisation.

Sensei Hokama’s lineage in both of these arts is impeccable, having been instructed by the leading masters of their time. Goju-Ryu Kenshi Kai is the name of his Karate organisation and his knowledge of Karate, Kata, Bunkai and Kakushite (hidden hand techniques in Kata) is amazing.

Sensei Hokama demonstrates on Shihan Mark

The Okinawan-based International Hokama Kobudo Organisation has branches in several countries throughout the world. The formation and aim of this organisation is to teach, promote and preserve traditional Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) as taught in Okinawa.

Sensei Hokama began his Kobudo training under his grandfather, Tokuyama Seiken who himself was a student of Oshiro Chojun (1887 – 1935). Today we still learn a Tonfa Kata from Sensei which bears the name of his Grandfather “Tokuyama No Tonfa Kata.”

Logo for the International Hokama Kobudo Organisation

His wish is to preserve the “Old Ways” of Kobudo and of this he is certainly a master. The speed, agility, power and technique of Sensei Hokama has to be seen first hand to be believed.

As well as his disciplines of Karate and Kobudo Sensei has an incredible, in depth knowledge of KyuSho (vital points), has written many books on Martial Arts; and has received recognition countless times from related bodies.

Sensei Hokama with Sai

In addition, upstairs in his Dojo he has a Karate Museum. This was the first such museum to be opened worldwide and contains a wealth of history, weapons and artefacts.

In Australia KIMAA teaches Okinawan Kobudo to our students as it has been taught to us by Sensei Hokama with the same wish that with his continued teaching and guidance we can in some small way help him in the preservation of this Martial Art.

Kobudo training information can be accessed here. Gradings are held when the instructors feel students are ready to progress at the next level.

The belts for Kobudo are as follows (click the image to enlarge):

Kobudo Belt Levels – click to enlarge