From the Archive: 2010

The final entry in KIMAA’s From the Archive series, diving into the photo collection of Hanshi Howard Lipman. For this month’s instalment, we see Hanshi Howard Lipman and Shihan Rick Cunningham teaching Kobudo. This follows the inaugural trips to Okinawa in May, August and October 2008 to study under Sensei Hokama, when Kobudo becomes a major part of KIMAA.

The rest of KIMAA’s journey in Kobudo continues in our students and their Kobudo instructors, seminars with Sensei Hokama and Shihan Ken, and more Okinawa trips.

This is the final post for the From the Archive series.

From the Archive: 2000s

From the photo archive of Hanshi Howard Lipman: KIMAA forms and becomes independent, Turramurra Dojo opens with Sensei Mark Shelmerdine and Sensei James Sidwell as emerging instructors.

Shihan Peter Olive is graded to 3rd Dan and Knox Grammar begins to learn Karate.

Some photos from Sempai Gavin Humphries’ grading to 1st Dan, and various KIMAA members after the grading.


From the Archive: 1993-1999

In 1993, Hanshi Howard Lipman brings Shihan Rick Cunningham to Japan to be graded to 3rd Dan by Sosai Mas Oyama.

Through the remainder of the 1990s, Sensei Paul Finnerty continues his training with Shihan Howard and Shihan Rick after returning to the fold in 1988.

Sensei Jon Ellis graded to 1st Dan in 1995.

Shihan Howard Lipman led a camp with Shihan Trevor Fields and other dojos in attendance in 1996.

Sensei Jon Ellis fighting in a tournament with Shihan Rick Cunningham refereeing in 1997.

In 1999 Shihan Lipman and Shihan Cunningham host a tournament, where Sensei Ian Holdaway gets his first tournament experience.

And at that tournament, Shihan Rick Cunningham demonstrates a roof tile break.

From the Archive: 1992

In 1992 a young Sempai Rob James opens a dojo under Hanshi Howard Lipman, Shihan Rick Cunningham continues his Kyokushin journey, and Hanshi Howard is graded to 5th Dan (“Shihan”) by Sosai Mas Oyama.

Hanshi Howard and Shihan Rick also did a photo shoot for promoting Kyokushin.

And below, a gift from Sosai to Hanshi Howard Lipman, with a special inscription.

From the Archive: 1990-1991

1990 and 1991 were a big years for Shihan Howard Lipman and his students, as shown in his photo archive. Sosai attends the Australian Championship in 1990, in which Shihan Rick Cunningham and Sensei Mark McFadden compete. Also here are more tournaments, beach training with Sensei Paul Finnerty and Sensei Mark Ting, tameshiwari and working with the Bo staff.
The following is an article by Shihan Howard about the tournament. Click the thumbnails to have a read!
Shihan Rick, Shihan Howard & Sensei Paul in the front row.

From the Archive: 1980s, Part 2

A continuation of From the Archive: 1980s, Part 1. Beach training is back in force, Shihan Rick Cunningham reaches 1st Dan and competes in tournaments, and Sosai Oyama awards Shihan Howard Lipman his 4th Dan.