Ballina: New Dojo & Timetable – April, 2016

Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo) has opened a new full-time dojo in Ballina, replacing the existing Ballina Dojo.

The new dojo is located at Unit 2/3 Sheather Street, Ballina NSW 2478. Class times are detailed below:


Sensei Jon is one of KIMAA’s licensed dojo operators under Shihan Howard Lipman, and one of the two senior instructors in the Far North Coast NSW branch of KIMAA. You can read more about Sensei Jon here.

The opening of this dojo is a proud expansion of KIMAA operations on the North Coast. Thanks go to all students who helped clean and prepare the new dojo for training.


In other recent news for Ballina Dojo and their Little Lions, on Sunday April 10, Cooper competed in the first round of the National All Styles.

Cooper came second in the Pee Wee Points Sparring division. Congratulations, Cooper! Thanks go to Sempai Rob James for standing in Cooper’s corner on the day.

Frank Everett Memorial Tournament – April 2, 2016

Students from three KIMAA dojos attended at the Queensland Frank Everett Memorial Tournament on Saturday April 2nd.

The groups from Lismore, Ballina and Aspley were led by Sensei Mark McFadden (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 3rd Dan Kobudo), Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo) and Sempai Rob James (2nd Dan Kyokushin) respectively.

Competing were three fighters from Ballina Dojo and eight from Aspley Dojo.

Sensei Jon with the competitors from Ballina Dojo.
Sensei Jon with the competitors from Ballina Dojo.

Mick Calnan, Cooper Bahadur and Peter English, all students of Sensei Jon, fought on behalf of the NSW Far North Coast. It was the first time competing in a tournament for Peter and Cooper, and the second time for Mick.

Mick fought very well but unfortunately did not win his fight. He made the dojo proud though, earning the nickname ‘The Gumtree’ from his fellow competitors because they couldn’t knock him down or budge him!

Cooper fought two fights and won both. He lost his last fight – in the final for his division – but made an admirable effort for second place.

Peter had one fight and was put up against a 1st Kyu (Senior Brown Belt). Peter is a 10th Kyu (Orange Belt). It was a tough fight but Peter managed to hold his own against the much more seasoned opponent for the entire two-minute round, also taking second place in his division.

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Videos of some of the fights are available on the private North Coast Kyokushin Facebook page for members there.

Eight of Sempai Rob James’s Little Lions also competed on the day: Brock, Bodie, Quinten and Chantelle Dielwart; Darius and Mayhar Firoozi; Jack Bolger; and Isaac Selwood.

Sempai Rob James and the competitors from Aspley Dojo.
Sempai Rob and the competitors from Aspley Dojo.

Sempai Rob was impressed by everyone’s courage and determination on the day – most notably young Isaac, who has only been training a short time but managed second place in his first tournament.

Chantelle twisted her ankle seconds into her first round and was taken to hospital. She has since been released with no broken bones, just severe bruising and soreness. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Brodie and Brock Dielwart performed well in their first tournament as did Darius Firoozi. Jack Bolger placed second in boys 8-10 years; Isaac Selwood second in boys 10-12 years; Mahyar Firoozi second men’s novice 70-80 kgs; and Quintin Dielwart placed third in the men’s 8th Kyu novice.

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Four students from Lismore Dojo attended the tournament with Sensei Mark to watch and support their fellow karateka. Jack, Yacho, Lachlan and Phil enjoyed watching their first live Kyokushin tournament, giving them a taste of what they need to train for in the future. Their attendance is a typical reflection of the KIMAA attitude, showing up to support your mates in the dojo even if you don’t have a fight on the day. Their cries of encouragement from the sidelines would have helped the fighters from Ballina and Aspley get through their two-minute rounds, no doubt.

Well done to all involved for their training in the lead-up, their performance on the day and their continuous display of the Kyokushin spirit.


NAS Australian Championships – December 5-6, 2015

Written by Sensei Mark McFadden (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 3rd Dan Kobudo)

On the weekend of December 5-6, the National All Styles Australian Championships were held on the Gold Coast. Competitors came from New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The competition ran over two days on six mats.

Representing KIMAA were:

Trish and Amanda perform their Creative Weapons demo.
Trish and Amanda perform their Creative Weapons demo with the Bo staff.

To qualify for the nationals they all had to go through a qualifying round, then the Queensland State Championships and then be invited to participate in the nationals.

Cooper, Isaac and Ayla were in the under 7, Peewee division. Cooper fought a black belt in his first round and won.

Conrad and Brad were in the 8 to 9 years division. Brad did well, losing in an extension. Conrad placed Third.

Wes was in one of the largest divisions, the 16-year-old male 5th Kyu and above. This meant he was fighting and doing kata against black belts.

Trish performs Seienchin kata.
Trish performs Seienchin kata.

Amanda and Trish teamed up to do a demo kata with applications and came Second.

They teamed up again in the Creative Weapons section and came Third.

Amanda and Trish were also in the Women’s Advanced Kyu grade sparring, and unfortunately drew each other first up. It was a close match which Trish won.

Trish then went on to fight twice more and came Second in an extension. It was later discovered she had broken her thumb in the first match. Trish fought three rounds with the broken thumb – the power of the Kyokushin spirit and adrenalin!

The highlight was Trish winning the Women’s Open Kata division, performing Seienchin (which is in the KIMAA syllabus for 3rd Dan black belt). As the first competitor she had the option to do the kata again. She was told she was placed Second but if she did the kata again she would risk getting a lower score. She risked it all, with Sensei Jon Ellis telling her she could do a better kata. She did and placed First.

Trish and Amanda also were asked to compete in the Victorian team for the state against state competition, and were placed Third.

KIMAA's Little Lion champions!
KIMAA’s Little Lion champions!

In the end KIMAA had:

  • 3 Thirds,
  • 2 Seconds and
  •  a First place in the Australian National All Styles.

Congratulations to all who competed. It took a lot of hard training and effort in previous competitions to qualify for the nationals. Not only did these students make the journey to reach this point, they all were excellent ambassadors for KIMAA and did their karateka proud. Special congratulations to those who won a placement. Thanks go to instructors Sensei Mark McFadden, Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo) and Sempai Wally Gray (2nd Dan Kyokushin) for their continued teaching, support and mentorship in Kyokushin and Kobudo.

NAS Queensland State Titles – October 18, 2015

KIMAA students from NSW Far North Coast dojos Lismore and Ballina, and from Brisbane’s Aspley Dojo, competed in a National All Styles competition on October 18th. The competition was the NAS Queensland State Titles.

KIMAA competitors at the NAS QLD State Titles.
KIMAA competitors at the NAS QLD State Titles.

Karateka competitors included Amanda and Jack from Brisbane, and Ayla, Cooper, Conrad, Brad, Liem, Loc, Isaac, Yaco, Wes, Lachlan and Patricia from the North Coast.

Patricia Tan competed in multiple divisions, demonstrating her skills in both Kyokushin and Kobudo. Trish competed in:

  • Kyu Grade Kata (2nd Place)
  • Traditional Weaponry Kata (3rd Place)
  • Kyu Grade Point Sparring (3rd Place)

Trish also teamed up with Amanda Bolger for a partnership entry in two demonstration events: Creative Weaponry Demo and Creative Form Demo. The pair came 1st in both categories. Amanda also placed Second in her Points Sparring division and Fourth in Individual Kata.

Young Aspley Little Lion Jack Bolger did his dojo proud. Jack represented Kyokushin by competing in the Continuous Sparring 7-9 Years. He was eliminated in the first round, but came back to compete in the Points Sparring 8-9 Years. He won a round but was knocked out in the second. This is Jack’s first tournament and he is going from strength to strength, showing excellent character and endurance to face up after a loss and keep pushing.

Congratulations also go to young Cooper from the North Coast, who came fourth in his sparring division.

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A big round of applause to everyone who participated in the tournament. As Sensei Mark McFadden remarked, ‘It’s not the trophies – it’s the participation, it’s overcoming the fears of getting up in front of everyone or standing up to fight someone. Osu and well done.’

Thanks go to instructors Sensei Mark McFadden (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 3rd Dan Kobudo), Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo), Sempai Rob James (2nd Dan Kyokushin) and Sempai Wally Gray (1st Dan Kyokushin) for all their efforts in preparing their students for the competition.

IFKKA Tournament – September 6, 2015

KIMAA students from Turramurra and Annangrove dojos entered the International Federation of Karate Kyokushinkai Australia tournament on Sunday September 6. The tournament was hosted by Shihan Doug Turnbull (6th Dan) and Sensei Jenny Fuller (3rd Dan) of the IFKKA. The competitors enjoyed great success, with most students walking away with placements at the end of the day.

KIMAA competitors with coaches Shihan Cunningham, Shihan Lipman and Sensei James Sidwell.
KIMAA competitors with coaches Shihan Cunningham, Shihan Lipman and Sensei James Sidwell.

Competing in the full-contact Kyokushin tournament were:


Sempai Ben Ng (2nd Dan), Sempai Don Cheong (2nd Dan), Sempai Alex Lloyd (2nd Dan) and Andy Kuo (6th Kyu)


Elia Parsanejad (3rd Kyu), James Parasyn (3rd Kyu), Kasra Parsanejad (4th Kyu), Jasper Choi (4th Kyu), Bernard Wilson (4th Kyu Level 2), Christian Girdham (6th Kyu) and Aaryan Sahukhan (6th Kyu).

The coaches were Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan), Shihan Rick Cunningham (6th Dan) and Sensei James Sidwell (4th Dan). Shihan Lipman’s wife Masumi and Sensei Paul Finnerty (4th Dan) came to support the fighters, and Sempai James Campbell (2nd Dan) took up the mantle of cameraman, as Sempai Alex was preoccupied!

IFKKA tournament competitors.
IFKKA tournament competitors.

Round 1 got underway promptly at 10 am. Aaryan Sahukhan and James Parasyn in the ‘Boys 11-13 years under 40kg’ division were up first. It was Aaryan’s first tournament. He showed great spirit, but his more experienced opponent won the match. James used his high kicks to keep his opponent away, scoring points quickly and progressing to Round 2.

Next up was the ‘Men’s Open Middle Weight’ division. Sempai Alex won his fight with aggression and continuous movement. He moved to Round 2, where Sempai Ben and Sempai Don were waiting after both having a bye. The younger years were back to the fighting mats again.

Bernard Wilson, ‘Boys 11-13 years 40-45kg’, held his own against a young black belt from another dojo, but the more advanced fighter won the bout. Next was Kasra Parsanejad, ‘Boys 11-13 years over 45kg’. Kasra had a great first fight, using his height and long legs to overpower his opponent with numerous head kicks.

Andy Kuo of ‘Men’s Novice Heavy Weight’ followed next. Andy copped some heavy hits from his opponent but kept pushing through, winning the round, after two extensions, with gusto. Jasper Choi, ‘Boys 14-15 years 50-57kg’, fought after Andy. Jasper displayed great energy, narrowly losing but still showing the right aggression and pace that a young Kyokushin fighter should have.

Round 2 was the round of extensions and determination. James Parasyn fought hard, narrowly losing to his black belt opponent. His fight went to one extension before the judges could determine a winner, however.

Sempai Don entered Round 2 after his bye, quickly overpowering his opponent. Don used his strong leg techniques and relentless chasing to out-muscle his opponent, earning his place in the Finals for the ‘Men’s Open Middle Weight’ division.

After his win in Round 1, Sempai Alex came up against Sempai Ben, who’d had a bye. The two exchanged many blows: Ben’s trademark strong side and thigh kicks against Alex’s punching barrage and uppercuts. It was a close fight, but Ben’s blocking and fast leg techniques ultimately prevailed. After two exhausting two-minute extensions, the judges finally declared a winner, giving the fight to Sempai Ben.

Kasra fronted up to his second fight in the ‘Boys 11-13 years over 45kg’ division. Kasra again used his height and kicks techniques to great effectiveness, giving him another win.

The final round of fights saw the placement play-offs and finals. Sempai Alex was up first against the opponent Sempai Don and beaten in Round 2. Alex used his aggression and strength to overpower his opponent. The referee awarded Alex the match after he scored two waza-ari, securing Alex as Third Place in the ‘Men’s Open Middle Weight’ division.

Elia Parsanejad had her first fight of the day in the final of the ‘Girls 14-15 years over 55kg’ division. Elia had energy and aggression, dominating much of the fight. However, despite her grit and resilience, her opponent won the bout due to scoring waza-ari from well-timed techniques.

Following Elia’s fight was the big event, the final for the ‘Men’s Open Middle Weight’ between Sempai Ben and Sempai Don. Sempai Ben started the fight a bit more tired than Sempai Don after his longer session in Round 2, but both competitors showed nothing but strong resolve and Kyokushin fighting spirit. The two went punch-for-punch, leading to a two-minute extension. Both sides give it their all in the extension, but ultimately Sempai Don’s leg techniques had more power. The fight went to Sempai Don.

The ‘Boys 14-15 years 50-57kg’ division continued in a round robin. Christian Girdham and Jasper Choi both had losses in this division, but faced each other as part of the play-offs. Jasper moved around a lot but Christian’s height gave him the advantage he needed, taking the win. (A video of this fight is not available.)

KIMAA’s last fight in the tournament was Andy Kuo in the ‘Men’s Novice Heavy Weight’. It was a long, hard fight with an extension. Andy took a hit to the groin and the jaw. His opponent won the fight, despite the penalty against him, but Andy couldn’t have done KIMAA any prouder.

Most of the fighters won placements at the end of the day. These included:

Men's Open Middle Weight champions.
Men’s Open Middle Weight champions: Sempai Don (1st), Sempai Ben (2nd) & Sempai Alex (3rd).

Men’s Open Middle Weight

Sempai Don Cheong – 1st

Sempai Ben Ng – 2nd

Sempai Alex Lloyd – 3rd

Men’s Novice Heavy Weight

Andy Kuo – 2nd

Girls 14-15 years over 55kg

Elia Parsanejad – 2nd

Boys 14-15 years 50-57kg

After the tournament.
After the tournament.

Christian Girdham – 2nd

Jasper Choi – 3rd

Boys 11-13 years over 45kg

Kasra Parsanejad – 1st

Boys 11-13 years 40-45kg

Bernard Wilson – 2nd

Boys 11-13 years under 40kg

James Parasyn – equal 3rd

KIMAA victors.
KIMAA victors.

Congratulations to everyone involved. Both first-time fighters and the more experienced combatants all displayed great determination and attitude, regardless of the strength and experience of their opponents. Shihan Lipman was very proud of all involved. Having KIMAA take so many placements, including the top three of the ‘Men’s Open Middle Weight’, was an extra special reward for all the hard effort put in by students and instructors alike.

Thanks again to Shihan Lipman, Shihan Cunningham and Sensei James for the coaching support, both on the day and in all the months of training prior.

KIMAA’s next big event will be the October/November Seminar & Grading.

NSW State Kyokushin Championship – May 31, 2015

Eight students of Kyokushin International Martial Arts Australia competed in the NSW State Kyokushin Championship.

The competitors came from Turramurra and Annangrove dojos. They were:

The boys huddle before the fights.
The boys huddle before the fights.

Male 16 & 17 Years Division

Sempai Jason Lambe

Angus Sweeney

Male 13-15 Years Division

Victor Sweeney

Ethan Franke

Male 10-12 Years Division

Joshua Darley

James Parasyn

Bernard Wilson

Male 8 & 9 Years Division

James Kosimar

The support/coaching team on the day was made up of Shihan Howard Lipman, Shihan Rick Cunningham, Sensei Peter Olive, Sensei James Sidwell, Sempai Don Cheong and Sempai Alex Lloyd.

Everyone fought well against their opponents. Notable mentions go to James Parasyn and James Kosimar for their wins, including James Parasyn’s two jodan mawashi geri techniques that led him to victory in his first round.

Victor Sweeney came equal third in his division and powered through many rounds to win his trophy.

Congratulations to Victor, and all involved.

Shihan Howard Lipman, Victor Sweeney and Sensei James Sidwell.
Shihan Howard Lipman, Victor Sweeney and Sensei James Sidwell.

Queensland IKO State Titles – April 11, 2015

In September 2012, Aspley Dojo was opened by Sempai Rob James. Within three years of the opening of KIMAA’s Brisbane dojo, on April 11 this year, Sempai Rob and students celebrated their first milestone: five Aspley Dojo fighters competed in a state tournament – the Queensland IKO State Titles. Some have been training with Sempai Rob since the beginning, while others are a lot more recent to join the fold. All did their dojo proud.

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Aspley Dojo came away with three medals:

  • 1st Colts Middleweight Novice
  • 2nd in the Men’s Light Weight Novice
  • 2nd Boys Aged 7-8 Years

Sempai Rob was “extremely proud” of all of his students, “not just the ones who came away with a medal. You all worked hard on the day and displayed great spirit and determination.”

Congratulations to the competitors of Aspley Dojo, and to Sempai Rob. Special thanks also goes to Sensei Mark McFadden, who came up from Lismore to help support the team on the day.

Sempai Rob James and Aspley Dojo students
Sempai Rob James and Aspley Dojo students