Shihan Kobudo Gradings – November, 2011

Written by Shihan Lipman in 2011

Shihan Howard Lipman awarded his 5th Dan and “Shihan” rank in Kobudo by Sensei Hokama

Shihan Cunningham and I travelled together to Okinawa on the 8th of November for one week’s training with Sensei Hokama.

The training consisted of the application of advanced Kata and more advanced Kobudo techniques and their application. Sensei placed great emphasis on the accuracy and speed of techniques and the important difference between instruction at student and teacher levels. Many new things were learnt and other techniques became more refined.

This was our 10th trip to Okinawa to train with Sensei Hokama over the last four years and proved to be most successful.

Shihan Rick Cunningham receives his 4th Dan and “Shihan” rank from Sensei Hokama

It came to both of us as a surprise when Sensei asked us to participate in a grade promotion test at the end of the week. As result of this test Shihan Cunningham was awarded 4th Dan and Shihan-dai rank in Kobudo. Sensei Hokama then awarded me 5th Dan and Shihan rank in Kobudo.

We will continue to travel to Okinawa at least once a year to further our training with Sensei and for the future benefit and development of our students.