Knox Karate News – June 16, 2012

Another round of Knox gradings for the Senior and Prep Schools was held on Saturday June 16th. The boys performed admirably, showcasing the continually increasing standard of technique and discipline in Knox Karate.

Ed Tutt (year 10) led the Senior School grading, trying for 3rd Kyu, while Toby Chantharasy and Oliver MacGregor (years 5 & 6) led the Prep School boys as they went for 4th Kyu Level II. Having some of the Prep students reach for these more senior grades after just two and a half years of training is tantamount to their hard work.

Nick Cheng and Chris Alcorn are Knox students that participated in the General Grading on June 23rd (click here for photos), going for 1st Kyu. Chris and Nick now hold the honour of reaching the highest grade a Knox student has achieved while still at the school. James Woodward, a member of general classes for some time now, went for 3rd Kyu. Their participation in the six hour grading is to their credit.

It was also Sempai Alex Lloyd’s last day as a Knox sports coach as he moves on to further his career in his chosen profession. Alex was a student of Knox for eleven years, graduating in 2009, and a coach since then. He graded to black belt in 2011. He has been associated with Knox Karate for seven years and trained many of the students from white belt to 2nd kyu. The boys, new Knox coach Simon Emmerson and Shihan Lipman were very kind in their farewell.

This is the article published by the school about Sempai Alex in their weekly newsletter:

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This article was published earlier in the year by the school, also in their weekly newsletter:

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