Jō Seminar – July 7, 2013

Shihan Des Paroz, 6th Dan in Shorinjiryu Karate, was invited to teach an introductory seminar for the Jō, a four foot staff. Assisting Shihan Paroz was Sensei Chrissy Hanley.

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The morning class introduced students to the basic handling of the weapon and how it varies from using the six foot Bo staff. A lot of attention was given to how the Jō is a mid-range weapon, allowing greater versatility than a staff like the Bo, which is largely limited to long-range.

The class progressed onto bunkai and Kudaka No Jō, a kata. It was a successful morning and the KIMAA Kobudo students will be able to build on these basic techniques and exercises in their fortnightly classes, exploring further applications and combinations of weapons (e.g. Bo vs Jō).

KIMAA extends its warm thanks to Shihan Paroz and Sensei Chrissy for their time.