Student Profile: Josh Darley

Written by Shihan Howard Lipman

Josh Darley with Shihan Howard Lipman, June 2014
Josh Darley with Shihan Howard Lipman, June 2014
Josh (left) at the Kyokushin Seminar, October 2013
Josh (left) with Sensei James Sidwell (back right) at a Kyokushin Seminar, October 2013

Josh Darley is 3rd Kyu in Kyokushin Karate.

Josh began his Kyokushin training in 2012 at Turramurra Dojo under the instruction of Shihan Howard Lipman and Sensei James Sidwell.

Josh began when he was seven years old. In the last six months, at just nine years of age, Josh started attending the Adults classes as well as the Kids classes. Despite being half their height, his jodan mawashi geri (roundhouse face kick) techniques will still smack them in the jaw if they’re not careful!

Josh has exceptional ability, an affinity for Karate and an amazing amount of focus and dedication for his age.

Josh embodies what the KIMAA Little Lions program is all about. He is an energetic and talented young man who is using his Karate to improve his personal and physical development. Josh is a source of inspiration for all the kids at the Dojo and does not expect nor is given any special treatment.

Josh graded to 1st Dan during the December 2016 Black Belt Grading.