Brisbane Seminar – November 8-9, 2014

Sempai Rob James (2nd Dan), head instructor of Aspley Dojo, hosted a KIMAA Kyokushin and Kobudo seminar in Brisbane on the weekend of November 8-9. Shihan Rick Cunningham (6th Dan Kyokushin, 5th Dan Kobudo) travelled up from Sydney to teach at the event. Sensei Mark McFadden and Patricia Tan came up from Lismore, and Will Brook from Byron Bay, to participate as well.

The class spent the Saturday afternoon practising basics, kumite drills, pressure points, self-defence applications and kata.

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On Sunday the group focused on Kobudo, learning new kata and applications with the Bo staff. The group enjoyed some outdoor training in the lovely weather.

Thanks again to Shihan Cunningham for teaching at the seminar and to Sempai Rob for hosting. These regular catch-ups between dojos are vital for sharing knowledge and increasing standards across all of KIMAA.