Shihan Lipman Seminar at Aspley Dojo – November 28-29, 2015

Written by Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan Kyokushin, 7th Dan Kobudo

On the weekend of November 28-29, my wife Masumi and I travelled to Brisbane for me to conduct a seminar at Sempai Rob James’s (2nd Dan Kyokushin) dojo in Aspley. There were 15 kids and 12 adults in attendance over the course of the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon the first class was for the kids who were initially a little apprehensive, however they were soon made to feel at ease and settled down to enjoy their class. I was most impressed with their level of knowledge and attitude towards training. The class consisted of Kihon, Ido Geiko and Kata.

Personalised belts
Personalised belts

At the conclusion of the class, Masumi wrote all the kids’ names on their belts in Japanese, which they thought was great.

This class was followed by a session with the adults where once again I checked and emphasised the importance of basics. Most of the class was spent on Kihon and Ido Geiko. Both were at a good standard, which is always a measure of capable students and a quality and dedicated instructor.

On Sunday morning there was another class for the adults and this was orientated towards Ido Geiko, Kata, some fighting techniques and a little self-defence. All the adults performed well and have potential to move forward in their grades.

A few deserve special mention: Jermaine and Amanda, the senior kyu grades, are excellent role models for the more juniors. Chris and Yolanda from the junior kyu grades also performed exceptionally well.

All the adults also had their names put on their belts in Japanese by Masumi.

The seminar was a great success and enjoyed by all. Congratulations are due to Sempai Rob, who I have known since he was 17  years old. It has been interesting and pleasing to watch his progress over the years. His dojo now is well organised and well disciplined which is a mark of the man himself.

Sempai Rob James with Shihan Howard Lipman
Sempai Rob James with Shihan Howard Lipman