KIMAA Brisbane Seminar – July 23-24, 2016

The third KIMAA seminar of 2016 was held in Brisbane on the weekend of July 23rd to 24th.

The seminar was hosted by Sempai Rob James, head instructor at North Brisbane and Nundah dojos. Shihan Rick Cunningham travelled from Sydney to lead instruction.

The seminar began on the Saturday afternoon. Much of the afternoon was dedicated to kata and bunkai. Attention was also given to breathing technique and the importance of expanding one’s lung capacity. Self-defence applications were derived from the three Taikyoku katas, Sokugi Taikyoku sono Ichi and the first three Pinan katas. The more senior grades also went through Sanchin and Tsukino.

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Kumite was a big part of the afternoon, with Shihan Cunningham discussing the finer points of stances, kicking, timing, distance and a good defence.

The seminar resumed on the Sunday, beginning with a Little Lions session. The class covered Kyokushin kihon, kata and pad work.

Kata, bunkai and pad work were the main focuses of the Sunday adults class as well.

The weekend was very successful and the students learned a lot. Thanks goes to the venue, Healthworks Fitness Centre Aspley. Sempai Rob and his students were also enormously grateful to Shihan Cunningham for teaching the seminar.

“It’s not everyday you train with someone like Shihan Rick, who has a wealth of knowledge in the martial arts, is a great mentor and genuinely wants to see you grow,” said Sempai Rob.

Shihan Rick Cunningham with Sempai Rob James and his adult students.
Shihan Rick Cunningham with Sempai Rob James and his adult students.