Black Belt Training – May 28, 2022

Hanshi Howard Lipman demonstrates technique on Sensei Ben Ng.

On the afternoon of Saturday May 28th, Hanshi Howard Lipman led a Black Belt training class at Turramurra Dojo (KIMAA Honbu). Karateka from 1st Dan to 5th Dan, from Turramurra and Annangrove dojos, participated in the session.

The class spent several hours revising most senior Kyokushin kata, refining technique, and checking details and consistency.

These black belt sessions are important not just for the technical work, but the sense of community and collegiality across dojos within the organisation. Good, strong karate starts from the top, and KIMAA instructors are dedicated to continuing to improve their own martial arts for the benefit of KIMAA students.

The class ended by practising some break-fall techniques and rolls with Sempai Tony Kuo.

After two years of great disruption to the normal KIMAA calendar, it is great to be able to train together at opportunities like this, and we will continue to run these sessions and encourage all our black belts to attend. Thanks to everyone who trained and to Hanshi for his instruction.

Sensei Alex Lloyd, Sempai Jason Lambe, Sensei Ben Ng, Sempai Eric Wright, Hanshi Howard Lipman, Shihan James Sidwell, Sensei Don Cheong, Sempai Tony Kuo, Shihan Peter Olive, Shihan Mark Shelmerdine and Sempai Steph Runge.