Black Belt Grading – July 27, 2013

Sensei James Sidwell (4th Dan), Sempai Sammy Vieira (1st Dan) and Sensei Mark Shelmerdine (4th Dan) with their new belts & certificates.
Sensei James Sidwell (4th Dan), Sempai Sammy Vieira (1st Dan) and Sensei Mark Shelmerdine (4th Dan) with their new belts & certificates.

On Saturday the 27th of July, black belts and senior kyu grades attempted a Karate grading.

Basic techniques and stances, combinations, partner work, terminology, kata, fitness and fighting skills were tested rigorously.

KIMAA students from Turramurra and Annangrove Dojos participated, as well as Jeremy Gray from the North Coast, with Sensei Mark McFadden and Sempai Wally Gray also coming down.

Sensei Mark Shelmerdine and Sensei James Sidwell, long-time instructors and examples of the Kyokushin way, were graded to 4th Dan (Yondan).

Sempai Sammy Vieira was graded to 1st Dan (Shodan). KIMAA’s newest Shodan fought his forty fights bravely, despite a couple of bloody knock-downs that required patching up between bouts.

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Sempai Sammy Vieira after his forty fights for Shodan.
Sempai Sammy Vieira after his forty fights for Shodan.

All students put in a commendable effort, including Stephen Runge, James Ruprai, Azann Vhora and Jason Lambe who achieved senior brown belt (1st Kyu). Jeremy Gray and Angus and Victor Sweeney also did very well, keeping up with the adults in a long grading.

Results are available below (click to download):


It was also announced at the completion of the grading that Sensei Mark McFadden had been promoted to 2nd Dan (Nidan) in Kobudo. Sensei Mark leads instruction in Kobudo in KIMAA’s North Coast Dojos and will be attending a group trip to Okinawa in November.

The KIMAA instructors congratulate all those who graded and thank the other seniors who attended the grading to support – and fight – those participating. Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan) was pleased with the standard of the day and offers his congratulations to all those who graded.

Group shot from the day.
Group shot from the day.

Naihanchi Video Demonstration

Sensei Idir Bahamid has introduced KIMAA students to the kata Naihanchi. The video of Naihanchi is available below for students to watch as a supplement to training in class.

Naihanchi is a widely practised kata in Okinawa, other parts of Japan and many styles of Karate. Kyokushin founder Sosai Mas Oyama trained in both Shotokan and Gōjū-ryū and knew this kata. Shihan Lipman has an old video of Sosai performing Naihanchi. Although Naihanchi was not formally incorporated into the mainstream Kyokushin syllabus, Shihan Lipman has introduced the kata for Shodan level KIMAA students. This allows KIMAA students to learn a traditional kata with much history behind it.

Sensei Idir demonstrates Naihanchi:

Click here to see a photo gallery of Sensei Idir training in his youth, as he demonstrates the power of Karate.

Jō Seminar – July 7, 2013

Shihan Des Paroz, 6th Dan in Shorinjiryu Karate, was invited to teach an introductory seminar for the Jō, a four foot staff. Assisting Shihan Paroz was Sensei Chrissy Hanley.

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The morning class introduced students to the basic handling of the weapon and how it varies from using the six foot Bo staff. A lot of attention was given to how the Jō is a mid-range weapon, allowing greater versatility than a staff like the Bo, which is largely limited to long-range.

The class progressed onto bunkai and Kudaka No Jō, a kata. It was a successful morning and the KIMAA Kobudo students will be able to build on these basic techniques and exercises in their fortnightly classes, exploring further applications and combinations of weapons (e.g. Bo vs Jō).

KIMAA extends its warm thanks to Shihan Paroz and Sensei Chrissy for their time.

Aspley Dojo’s New Home – July 2, 2013

On the 2nd of July Aspley Dojo reopened in its new home. The photos below are from the first night of training in the new Dojo.

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The new Dojo is in the Girl Guides Hall in Huxtable Park, Dundalli Street, Chermside. Training times have also been altered to the following:

Aspley Dojo Schedule

KIMAA’s Queensland branch is run by Sempai Rob James. To read more about Aspley Dojo or to contact Sempai Rob, click here.

Second Knife Seminar – June 16, 2013

At the invitation of Shihan Howard Lipman and Shihan Rick Cunningham, Sensei Robert King (5th Dan) and Sempai Aaron Jones of Koryu Uchinadi (KU) Kempo Jujutsu were invited back to teach a second knife attack and defence seminar for KIMAA students. The seminar was once again held at Annangrove Dojo, attended by Annangrove and Turramurra students and Sensei Mark McFadden from the North Coast.

2013 June Knife Seminar - Group Shot
2013 June Knife Seminar – Group Shot

Some time was spent recapping content from the first knife seminar before instruction moved onto more techniques, styles of defence, take downs and responses to a variety of scenarios.

The seminar ran all morning, followed by a group lunch.

As with the first knife seminar, the students learned a great deal and much fun was had while receiving instruction about a serious, unfortunately common weapon.

KIMAA extends its warm thanks to Sensei Robert and Sempai Aaron for their time. You can read more about Koryu Uchinadi (KU) Kempo Jujutsu on their website here, and read more about Sensei Robert here.

Aspley Dojo Little Lions First Grading – June 15, 2013

Aspley Dojo held its first grading for select members of its Little Lions class. Queensland head instructor Sempai Rob James commended the group effort, with all students display the Kyokushin spirit. Sidney Murphy was graded to 10th Kyu Level 3. Eliza and Jack Bolger were graded to 10th Kyu Level 1.

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Jermaine Downs was graded to 7th Kyu in the session following the Little Lions. A video of one of his kumite bouts with Sempai Rob is available on the Aspley Dojo Facebook page.

National All Styles Round 2 – May 19, 2013

Trish and Jackson from the KIMAA North Coast participated in the National All Styles Round 2. Trish was awarded second place in continuous sparring and Jackson received a certificate of achievement.

This success follows on from the North Coast’s efforts in the National All Styles last year. Congratulations to both students on their achievements.