Aspley Dojo Special Class – May 31, 2014

Sensei Mark McFadden assisting a Little Lion with their technique.
Sensei Mark McFadden assisting a Little Lion with her technique.

On Saturday 31 May, Sempai Rob James hosted a special class at Aspley Dojo for his students, with some special guests in attendance.

Sensei Mark McFadden, Sempai Jon Ellis, Sempai Wally Gray and Jeremy Gray from the North Coast dojos came to train with Sempai Rob and his students at Aspley Dojo.

A Little Lions class ran 9-10 am and an Adults class ran from 10 am. The Balina, Lismore and Aspley karateka covered basics, flow drills, break falls, self defence, kata and bunkai.

The highlight of the day’s training was an intense kumite session. Sempai Rob remarked that the juniors excellently displayed the Kyokushin spirit.

The day ended with a group lunch. It was Sempai Rob’s pleasure to host members from the North Coast, as previous combined training sessions have been held at Lismore Dojo.

The seniors from the North Coast and Queensland look forward to these continued combined classes.

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