Knox Karate Demonstration & Annual BBQ – November 15, 2014

Knox Karate students held a demonstration for parents at the school on Saturday November 15, the end of their sports term for 2015.

Students from the senior school performed some basics and Taikoyoku sono Ich.

Senior students Karan Mehroke, Hani Rifai, Clayton Ho and Vincent Su then did the kata ‘straight through’. Following this, they performed Tsukino. Clayton and Vincent also demonstrated some self-defence techniques.

The group was led by Sempai Alex Lloyd, who also explained the Karate and practical application to parents. After the demonstration, Shihan Howard Lipman awarded new belts and certificates to those who were successful at the previous weekend’s grading.

Once the formalities were over, Knox held a BBQ for all to enjoy.

The Prep School Karate students received their certificates and belts on Friday November 14, at their final training session for the year.

Shihan Lipman’s wife, Masumi, kindly inscribed each Knox student’s name in Japanese on their belt, which was most appreciated by the boys.

Knox Karate classes resume at the beginning of first term 2015. Knox students are invited to train in the general classes over the holiday period.