Knox School Karate

Students from Knox Grammar School have been coming to KIMAA’s Turramurra Dojo several times a week since 2005 to be instructed in Kyokushin Karate as part of their sports program.

This has been most successful and a good rapport has been established between the boys, their parents, the teachers involved and the instructors at the Turramurra Dojo. The boys have mainly being taught by Hanshi Howard Lipman, Sensei James Sidwell and Sensei Alex Lloyd, but have received instruction from a number of black belts.

Sensei Alex & Hanshi Howard, June 2012

The first black belt Knox Karate produced was Sensei Alex Lloyd. Sensei Alex left Knox as a 2nd Kyu brown belt when he completed his HSC in 2009. He graded to 1st Dan in 2011, 2nd Dan in 2014 and 3rd Dan in 2018. He was the Captain of Karate at Knox from 2007 to 2009. Upon leaving Knox he was invited back as a staff member, and was the Master-In-Charge of Knox Karate from 2009 to 2012. Sempai Jonathan Lee left Knox as a 3rd Kyu and graded to 1st Dan in 2016.

Some of the students, should they continue to train, have the potential to achieve black belt level before leaving Knox rather than after. This would be a great achievement for the boys and Knox Grammar. The highest grade Knox has produced while still a student at the school is Nicholas Cheng, Class of 2013, who graduated as a 1st Kyu Senior Brown belt he earned in a senior adult grading.

The Knox Prep school began training in 2010, which consists of students in years 3 – 6. These boys all have the potential to achieve black belt before they leave the senior school.

Knox student Nicholas Cheng, 1st Kyu, performs a knifehand board break
Former Knox student Nicholas Cheng, 1st Kyu, performs an elbow board break

Some of the Knox boys have become involved with KIMAA beyond their school sports program. There are regular attendees of the weekly general classes, some grading with the adults rather than their classmates. Many have participated in board breaking classes and Kobudo weapons seminars in 2011 and 2012. The students always present their best and are a credit to the school.

We extend a warm welcome to all new students. As with all things the future of karate lies in the dedication of young people. For training times, click here.

Kids Group Photo

The children & adolescent group at Sensei Hokama’s 2012 Australian Karate & Kobudo seminar, many of them Knox students.