NAS Queensland State Titles – October 18, 2015

KIMAA students from NSW Far North Coast dojos Lismore and Ballina, and from Brisbane’s Aspley Dojo, competed in a National All Styles competition on October 18th. The competition was the NAS Queensland State Titles.

KIMAA competitors at the NAS QLD State Titles.
KIMAA competitors at the NAS QLD State Titles.

Karateka competitors included Amanda and Jack from Brisbane, and Ayla, Cooper, Conrad, Brad, Liem, Loc, Isaac, Yaco, Wes, Lachlan and Patricia from the North Coast.

Patricia Tan competed in multiple divisions, demonstrating her skills in both Kyokushin and Kobudo. Trish competed in:

  • Kyu Grade Kata (2nd Place)
  • Traditional Weaponry Kata (3rd Place)
  • Kyu Grade Point Sparring (3rd Place)

Trish also teamed up with Amanda Bolger for a partnership entry in two demonstration events: Creative Weaponry Demo and Creative Form Demo. The pair came 1st in both categories. Amanda also placed Second in her Points Sparring division and Fourth in Individual Kata.

Young Aspley Little Lion Jack Bolger did his dojo proud. Jack represented Kyokushin by competing in the Continuous Sparring 7-9 Years. He was eliminated in the first round, but came back to compete in the Points Sparring 8-9 Years. He won a round but was knocked out in the second. This is Jack’s first tournament and he is going from strength to strength, showing excellent character and endurance to face up after a loss and keep pushing.

Congratulations also go to young Cooper from the North Coast, who came fourth in his sparring division.

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A big round of applause to everyone who participated in the tournament. As Sensei Mark McFadden remarked, ‘It’s not the trophies – it’s the participation, it’s overcoming the fears of getting up in front of everyone or standing up to fight someone. Osu and well done.’

Thanks go to instructors Sensei Mark McFadden (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 3rd Dan Kobudo), Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo), Sempai Rob James (2nd Dan Kyokushin) and Sempai Wally Gray (1st Dan Kyokushin) for all their efforts in preparing their students for the competition.