Senior Kata Training – October 10, 2015

A senior kata class was held at Turramurra Dojo on Saturday October 10th. Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan), Shihan Rick Cunningham (6th Dan) and Sensei Peter Olive (4th Dan) were instructing on the day.

KIMAA black belts from Turramurra and Annangrove (and young 2nd Kyu Josh Darley) attended the training session. Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan), head instructor of Ballina Dojo, also made it down for the weekend.

The session focused on a number of black belt katas. Particular focus was given to studying Seipai, Kanku Dai and Sushi Ho. The correct technical execution, bunkai, kiai and timings (with and without count) were heavily emphasised.

2015-10-SeniorKata - 11
Left to right: Sempai James Campbell, Sempai Don Cheong, Sensei Jon Ellis, Sempai Ben Ng, Sensei Peter Olive, Sensei Mark Shelmerdine, Sensei Idir Bahamid, Sempai Mark Long, Sensei Paul Finnerty, Sempai Alex Lloyd, Shihan Rick Cunningham, Shihan Howard Lipman, Joshua Darley.
Thank you to Shihan Lipman for hosting the day.

Normal Sydney Kobudo training followed on Sunday the 11th, with Sensei Jon also in attendance. It’s always a pleasure to have other KIMAA practitioners from other dojos training with us.