Black Belt Grading – December 3, 2016

Shihan Howard Lipman held a Black Belt grading at Turramurra Dojo on Saturday the 3rd of December.

The senior student of the Kyokushin grading was Sempai Jason Lambe of Annangrove Dojo, attempting Nidan (2nd Dan). Along with Sempai Jason were five applicants for Shodan (1st Dan). These included:

  • Jonathan Lee, Turramurra Dojo
  • Angus Sweeney, Turramurra Dojo
  • Joshua Darley, Turramurra Dojo
  • Victor Sweeney, Turramurra Dojo
  • Patricia Tan, Lismore Dojo
Shihan Peter Olive leads the grading.
Shihan Peter Olive leads the grading.

There were many KIMAA karateka attempting various Kyu grades as well, both children and adults.

Students from Turramurra, Annangrove, Lismore and Ballina dojos participated in the grading, with Wesley Snider and Mick Calnan also making the trip down with Trish from the North Coast dojos. Travelling with their students were Sensei Mark McFadden and Sensei Jon Ellis.

Shihan Howard was judging the students’ performance on the day, with assistance from Shihan Rick Cunningham, while Shihan Peter Olive took the students through their techniques. Many other KIMAA black belts came in support of the students attempting the grading.

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At various points during the basics, the black belt applicants, and applicant for 1st Kyu Elia Parsanejad, took the class.

After the basics, the grading turned to kata, bunkai, advanced techniques and fitness.

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Many gruelling hours later, it was time for the sparring. Sempai Jason and Elia had to complete 20 full-contact fights for their respective grades, while the young aspiring-to-be Shodans had to push through the full 40.

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Despite some close calls, everyone made it through. Everyone was thoroughly tested, fought well and displayed strong Kyokushin spirit. Shihan Howard was delighted with the standard, declaring at the end of the grading that the base level of technical ability had noticeably improved since the previous black belt grading. He congratulated all students, and awarded the new yudansha with their new black belts.

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Congratulations to all, especially Sempai Jason, Sempai Jonathan, Sempai Angus, Sempai Josh, Sempai Victor and Sempai Trish!

Shihan Howard Lipman and Shihan Rick Cunningham with the new black belts.
Shihan Howard Lipman and Shihan Rick Cunningham with the new black belts.

This was an extra significant grading, as two records were broken: Sempai Patricia Tan is the oldest KIMAA member to pass the Shodan grading; and Sempai Josh is the youngest KIMAA member to pass the same grading, at 12 years and two weeks old. Sempai Jonathan is also the second person who began Karate through Knox Grammar to achieve black belt.

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All who graded and those who came along in support.
All who graded and those who came along in support.

Knox Karate – November 12, 2016

The end-of-year Kyokushin grading was held for Knox Grammar School students on Saturday November 12th.

Shihan Howard Lipman conducted three gradings for the different student groups: advanced Senior School, intermediate Senior School and the Preparatory School. The students performed well and received their results the following week.

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Students of Knox Grammar wishing to study Karate as part of their regular sports program have been coming to Turramurra Dojo since 2005. Students have always benefited from the teaching of Shihan Howard. Other instructors for the Knox students have included Sensei Allan Engelin, Sensei James Sidwell and Sempai Alex Lloyd, with Sempai Alex the first former Knox student to become a black belt. Other former Knox students have also progressed from the school classes to training in the adults’ general classes under Shihan Howard, including Jonathan Lee and James Salmond. The Knox-KIMAA relationship continues to prosper.

Congratulations to all who attempted and passed the grading.

KIMAA Seminar & Grading – October 30-November 1, 2015

Friday night at Turramurra Dojo
Friday night at Turramurra Dojo

The second KIMAA seminar and senior grading of 2015 were combined over the weekend of October 30th to November 1st.

Instructors and students came from all five KIMAA dojos to train in general self-defence, Kyokushin and Kobudo. Sensei Mark McFadden (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 3rd Dan Kobudo), Sempai Wally Gray (1st Dan Kyokushin), Jeremy Gray and Patricia Tan came from Lismore Dojo; Sensei Jon Ellis (3rd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo) and Ben Brady came from Ballina Dojo; and Sempai Rob James (2nd Dan Kyokushin), Jermaine Downs, Hieu Hoang and Chris Mitchell came from Aspley Dojo.

The first session of the seminar was held on Friday night October 30th, at Shihan Howard Lipman’s (8th Dan Kyokushin, 7th Dan Kobudo) Turramurra Dojo. The class was focused on self-defence against an armed assailant, specifically against a hand gun, and later a knife. Ray of Dynamic Defence, a Krav Maga organisation, was the guest instructor at Shihan Lipman’s invitation.

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After a warm-up and a fitness session, Ray ran the class through various disarming drills that focused on the principles of defence against an assailant wielding a pistol. After going through the basics of gun work, the class turned to knife defence.

Ray’s class was enjoyed by all present. While the karateka only had time to learn the elementary steps of these drills, they got a great sample of the defence skills being taught. KIMAA hopes to have a class with him again in the future.

After the class, a group dinner was enjoyed at Noodle City in Gordon.

The 9am-4pm Saturday class was held at Shihan Rick Cunningham’s (6th Dan Kyokushin, 6th Dan Kobudo) Annangrove Dojo.

The seminar began with basic training, followed by sanbon kumite (or ‘three-step sparring’). The sanbon kumite gradually increased in intensity, using takedowns and counters from bunkai to develop more advanced defensive manoeuvres.

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This Saturday session included some of the more senior grades from Knox Karate.

The training progressed until lunch, with seniors challenged to come up with their own self-defence combinations while working with a partner.

After a BBQ lunch, cooked by Sensei Mark McFadden and prepared by Shihan Cunningham’s wife, Kirsti, the seminar moved on to tameshiwari (board breaking).

Kyu grades performed single, double and triple board breaks on wood placed on besser blocks, depending on their specific grading requirements.

Sempai Ben Ng and Sempai Don Cheong performed two multi-breaks (breaking four handheld boards with four consecutive techniques) as part of their grading syllabus. Sempai Mark Long and James Ruprai also performed a multi-break. Sempai Wally Gray then showed the younger generation how it’s done by breaking four boards at once with seiken (forefist) and shuto (knife hand) techniques.

Saturday’s training finished with fitness and fight training. Shihan Cunningham hosted a dinner for senior grades and the guests from other dojos at his house after training.

Saturday Group Shot
Saturday Group Shot

The senior grading began at 9am on the Sunday morning. Sensei Peter Olive (4th Dan Kyokushin, 1st Dan Kobudo) led the grading while Shihan Lipman and Shihan Cunningham assessed the performance of the students.

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After the basics segment of the grading was completed, the karateka student body was broken up into groups. Those grading remained in the dojo, while Yudansha and Kyu grades not being graded went outside to do belt-specific training.

Sensei Mark McFadden, Sensei Jon, Sempai Rob, Sempai Mark Long (2nd Dan Kyokushin), Sempai James Campbell (2nd Dan Kyokushin, 2nd Dan Kobudo) and Sempai Alex Lloyd (2nd Dan Kyokushin, 1st Dan Kobudo) revised black belt katas, including Seipai, Okinawan Seipai and Sushi Ho.

Sensei Mark Shelmerdine (4th Dan Kyokushin, 4th Dan Kobudo) took the brown belts through Pinan Sono Go, Gekusai Dai and Yansu.

Sensei James Sidwell (4th Dan Kyokushin, 1st Dan Kobudo) took Nalin, 4th Kyu, through Gekusai Sho and Pinan Sono San.

Sensei Paul Finnerty (4th Dan Kyokushin, 3rd Dan Kobudo) took the junior Kyu grades through Pinan Sono Ni.

The senior grading continued inside with advanced techniques, moving through stances, kata, bunkai, and fitness. The senior Kyu grades and black belts attempting the grading were Sempai Ben Ng, Sempai Don Cheong, Sempai Wally Gray, Josh Darley, Victor Sweeney, Patricia Tan and Jermaine Downs.

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Finally, the grading culminated with kumite (sparring). It was the longest part of the morning for those grading, with Josh and Victor completing 20 fights to meet their syllabus requirements.

Congratulations to all those who participated in the grading. Belts and certificates will be awarded to students by their instructors over the coming weeks. Extra special congratulations to our newly promoted black belts: Sensei Ben Ng (3rd Dan Kyokushin), Sensei Don Cheong (3rd Dan Kyokushin) and Sempai Wally Gray (2nd Dan Kyokushin).

The weekend did not end after the grading, however. After another lunch prepared by Kirsti, students were broken up into groups based on their Kobudo experience for weapons training. Bo, Sai, Eeku and Arnis (Escrima Sticks) were covered for the remainder of the afternoon.

KIMAA Black Belts
KIMAA Black Belts: Sensei Mark McFadden, Shihan Rick Cunningham, Sensei Jon Ellis, Sempai Rob James, Sensei Ben Ng, Shihan Howard Lipman, Sensei Don Cheong, Sempai Alex Lloyd, Sensei Mark Shelmerdine, Sempai James Campbell, Sempai Mark Long, Sensei Peter Olive & Sensei James Sidwell

It was a tiring but successful weekend. It is always a productive and worthwhile exercise to bring all the dojos together: students get to train with karateka outside their own dojo, and all get to check that their techniques are matching the required KIMAA standard. Thanks to Sempai Alex Lloyd and Jonathan Lee for the photography and videos. Special thanks to everyone who travelled to Sydney for the occasion and, as always, to Shihan Howard Lipman and Shihan Rick Cunningham for organising the weekend.

KIMAA Dojo Operators
KIMAA Dojo Operators: Shihan Rick Cunningham (Annangrove), Sempai Rob James (Aspley), Sensei Mark McFadden (Lismore), Sensei Jon Ellis (Ballina) & Shihan Howard Lipman (Turramurra)
Shihan Rick Cunningham & Shihan Howard Lipman
Shihan Rick Cunningham & Shihan Howard Lipman

Knox Karate Demonstration & Annual BBQ – November 15, 2014

Knox Karate students held a demonstration for parents at the school on Saturday November 15, the end of their sports term for 2015.

Students from the senior school performed some basics and Taikoyoku sono Ich.

Senior students Karan Mehroke, Hani Rifai, Clayton Ho and Vincent Su then did the kata ‘straight through’. Following this, they performed Tsukino. Clayton and Vincent also demonstrated some self-defence techniques.

The group was led by Sempai Alex Lloyd, who also explained the Karate and practical application to parents. After the demonstration, Shihan Howard Lipman awarded new belts and certificates to those who were successful at the previous weekend’s grading.

Once the formalities were over, Knox held a BBQ for all to enjoy.

The Prep School Karate students received their certificates and belts on Friday November 14, at their final training session for the year.

Shihan Lipman’s wife, Masumi, kindly inscribed each Knox student’s name in Japanese on their belt, which was most appreciated by the boys.

Knox Karate classes resume at the beginning of first term 2015. Knox students are invited to train in the general classes over the holiday period.

IFKKA Tournament – November 9, 2014

This post has been updated with a new video that now includes footage of Angus Sweeney competing.

Shihan Doug Turnbull (6th Dan) of the International Federation of Karate Kyokushinkai Australia held a contact Karate tournament on Sunday November 9. The tournament was held at Tempe Public School.

Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan) entered three students from his Turramurra Dojo: Angus Sweeney (1st Kyu), Victor Sweeney (2nd Kyu) and Zac Zibaee (4th Kyu). The Sweeney brothers have been training with Shihan Lipman at Turramurra for many years. Zac began his Karate training at Knox Grammar Prep School Karate, under Shihan Lipman and Sempai Alex Lloyd (2nd Dan), and now trains with Shihan Lipman and Sensei James Sidwell (4th Dan) at the regular classes at Turramurra as well as Knox Karate.

The above shows footage of Victor competing, then Angus and then Zac.

None of these three young KIMAA karateka had competed in a tournament before, but all performed admirably. Angus placed Second in the Cadet Male Heavy Weight division, Victor placed Third in the Boys 14-15 years over 70kg, and Zac placed Second in the Boys 11-14 years 40-45kg. Some photos of the day are below.

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Congratulations to these students. A special mention goes to young Zac, who fought in the tournament after attempting the Knox Karate grading with the Senior School the day before. Thanks also go to Stephen Runge for coaching on the day, and Sempai Alex for filming and photographing the event for KIMAA. Angus, Victor and Zac represented KIMAA well and made their instructors proud.

The following article and photo was sent to Shihan Lipman and other entrants from Sensei Jenny Fuller, President of the IFKKA:

We had a great day today at the IFKKA Interclub Tournament Round 6 Full Contact Kumite Individuals and a special Clicker Kumite event for the Juniors. With 35 entries, we had students from three other Kyokushin organisations entered. It was a great day and we were treated to some excellent displays clicker and full contact fighting.


Thank you to Shihan Howard Lipman (Kyokushin International Martial Arts Australia) Sensei Alicia Smith and Senpai Rob Smith (Young Tigers Dojo, Kyokushin World Federation), and Sensei Graeme Rose CCK Dojo (Kyokushin Union). Your support for our event is very much appreciated.

For full results from today click here. It will be interesting to see how the overall series Champions results pan out for 2014, as today’s event may have decided some of the final results. The results will be announced at the IFKKA End of Year dinner to be held on Saturday 22nd November at the Ottoman Turkish Restaurant. For details of THAT event click here.

A day such as today cannot be possible without our helpers and we need many. Thank you to :

  • those who transported and set up the venue yesterday (Saturday) and then again transported the mats back to Petersham after the event: Shihan Doug, Sensei Shah, Senpai André, Chris Spencer, Jack Britton, Ken Randhawa, Eddy Noujaim, Simon Allaway, Anthony Zamattia, and Robbie Simmons.
  • the ring officials: Shihan Doug, Sensei Shah, Sensei Graeme Rose, Senpai André, Senpai Ben, Senpai Shigemi, & Franc Pujono,.
  • the table officials: Diane Deller and Chris Spencer.
  • to Casey & Chris Mardoquio, Meagan Salmond, and of course Louie for setting up and running the sausage sizzle. Well done and we did sell out! Gross takings on the sausages and drinks were $333.
  • our raffle sellers Nisha Hewitt and Kris Parekh. We raised $137 from the raffle. Every little bit helps towards the fund raising for the international competition travel!

Once again thank you to all for helping. Without you we cannot give our students the opportunity to enter and demonstrate what they are learning in the dojo. I must say I always love watching how the students from all the dojo are developing in their karate.


Knox Karate Grading – November 8, 2014

The Karate students of Knox Grammar School attempted a grading on their final Saturday sports session for the year. KIMAA President and Knox head instructor Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan) assessed the students at Turramurra Dojo. The grading was taken by former Knox student and Karate coach Sempai Alex Lloyd (2nd Dan), with Knox alumni and current coaches Sempai Nick Cheng (1st Kyu) and Sempai Simon Emmerson (2nd Kyu) assisting.

The Senior School began in the morning, with their grading going for several hours. Standout performances were by young James Tan, Zac Zibaee and Jay Stubbs. These boys are in fact Knox Prep students who, due to their skill and dedication to their training, graded with the older boys.

Senior School Grading Group
Senior School Grading Group

The Prep School students went next, and also performed well. Long-time student Hugh Graham led the pack, while beginner Mark Guvlekjian gave all those above him new standards to strive for in flexibility.

Prep School Grading Group
Prep School Grading Group

The results for both gradings are listed below:

RESULTS: Knox High School Grading Saturday November 8th

RESULTS: Knox Prep School Grading Saturday November 8th

The Senior School grading results will be presented by Shihan Lipman at a BBQ Presentation and Demonstration morning at Knox on Saturday November 15 at 9am, instead of normal training. The BBQ will be held at the Lawson PE Centre at the Senior School.

The Prep School will have their final training session for the term on Friday November 14, and receive their results then.

KIMAA’s Knox instructors extend a happy holiday season to all of the Knox students and look forward to seeing them back next year.

Sempai Alex Lloyd (2nd Dan), Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan), Sempai Nick Cheng (1st Kyu)
Sempai Alex Lloyd (2nd Dan), Shihan Howard Lipman (8th Dan), Sempai Nick Cheng (1st Kyu)

Knox Karate Gradings – May 31, 2014

Knox Karate gradings for the winter sports season were held on Saturday May 31st. The Senior School grading ran 8 – 11 am and the Prep School grading 11.30 am – 1 pm.

Senior School grading photos

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Shihan Howard Lipman assessed the students while former Knox coach Sempai Alex Lloyd took the grading. Assisting on the day were Sempai Gavin Humphries, Sempai Rebecca Humphries, Stephen Runge and Knox Karate coaches Simon Emmerson and Nick Cheng.

Senior School grading kumite

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Shihan Lipman was impressed by the students on the day, especially their endurance during the kumite rounds.

Prep School grading photos

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Standout mentions go to Clayton Ho, Vince Su, Brian Ding and Jared Nipatchroen, who double-graded. The full list of results are available below:



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